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Marie-Hélène Collinet-Baillon - M.H.C.B.

Painter-printmaker, teaches colour in higher éducation, professor of Art. Her background : Graduated from National Academy of Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Eligible for the prestigious agrégation degre in visual arts, Postgraduate certificate in Art Anthropology, Printmaking training at the RLD Centre for Graphic Arts « la métairie Bruyère » Parly
Listed in the international « Who’s who », in « L’annuaire des Beaux Arts », and book « Nature art today »

Since 2011, the artist has been exploring possibilities in several directions.

The decision to create jewellery and sculptures was guided entirely by the desire to work solely with natural elements which are then bound in metal.
The concept behind this jewellery is to use precious metals to accentuate the beauty of elements drawn from nature. These metals are gold, silver and bronze.
The sculptures pay homage to the Surrealists. They are "collages" of different terrestrial and marine elements.

Pictorial works, the monotypes emphasise the notion of chance. Secondarily, they are viewed and analysed by the artist to accentuate or even usurp the first signifier using a range of techniques to become the artist's signified. In principle, these works belong to the field of abstract art. But in the words of Marcel Duchamp, "the spectator makes the picture".

Sometimes, the artist's research gives him the idea of changing from a paper format to a wall painting. His education at ENSAD in Paris enables him to call on a range of media and applications, combining traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology, such as IT and digital media, to create event-oriented visuals in the context of installations and decoration.

« I am a painter won over to a printmaking »

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